Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My new environmental blog

I am happy to announce my new environmental blog:


I did not want to announce it until I had a dozen or so posts.

I think at least 2 of my posts will be controversial in the ME, especially the cloths post.

It is rather unfortunate that there is a general lack of concern about the environment here in Jordan. This is partially understandable, because people actually have other things to worry about. But it does not have to be this way as some of the pro-environment things make financial sense in the medium to long run.

I think overall, the government is doing a very poor job in creating environmental awareness, and here I would suggest things along the line of the EPA website and the energy star certification system.

Another thing that I mentioned before, is the govermnent going green and setting targets for CO2 emmisions reductions.

In a previous post I opinioned that the pursuit of Nuclear energy might not be a smart thing, and it turned out that my objections were not very far from the mark as it will take almost 8 yrs for nuclear energy to materialise. Instead I suggested wind energy, which can be deployed in as short as 6months and requires very little expertese to run.


Blogger Joe said...

Good luck with that! look forward to seeing more

7:11 AM  
Blogger priyan said...

This was the week that reviewing environmental blogs finally got me down. So much of the same same same, and weirdly enough, it was all so UP! Everything was positive. Groovy. Smooth like butta. I decided it was time to be critical, or at least questioning, of a few of the most popular environmental blogs, Treehugger and Worldchanging.

Before I start throwing down, I have to give props to the sites that kept me awake and interested — those unexpected blossoms — as I struggled through the fields of same old same.
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9:11 AM  

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