Friday, April 04, 2008

The KSA facebook murder

I was shocked to read the story of the murder of a Saudi Girl by her father because she was using face book.

So what is the solution for this problem. I think the solution will come from within, but with intense pressure from outside. I do not usually use chemical(or biological metaphors for that matter), but this time around I think that given a catalyst, and the right elements for the reaction, the ingredients will transform to the right kind of compound( a free society.)

So what sort of external pressure am I talking about; something similar to fair trade certification, but related to treatment of women and minimum human rights requirements. This could be a minimum requirement for membership in the WTO or the UN. The UN would deny access to it's various services(UNESCO, WHO, UNDP, UNIDO, etc) if members are not certified. I think this is a more sound idea than issuing stupid security council resolutions that get selectively implemented depending on the interests of the top 5 superpowers.

If Americans care enough that their coffee was purchased from fair trade sources, then maybe they should also care that their oil comes from countries that are certified to this new standard.


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