Saturday, May 10, 2008

What I like About American Movies

Maybe because America is almost the size of a continent, or maybe because it has 300million people, or because it is advanced, or maybe all of these, American movies are so rich with different central characters, I do not think that any other cinema can compete with it on this particular front.

Some movie charters that you are not likely to find in any other cinema:

*Genius mathematician(s). This is can be found in movies like Good Will Hunting, Prime, Proof, A Beautiful mind
*The boxer. This can be found in movies like Cinderella man, Rocky
*The mad and not so mad scientist: Back to the future.
*Magician. The most famous in this case are The prestige and the Illusionist.
*Cheer up leader.
*Computer geeks, programmers, hackers. For example, war games, the Matrix, the net, Johnny pneumonic.
* The vampire hunter.
*The person undergoing psychotherapy.
*The archaeologist/treasure hunter. The prototype for this character is Indiana Jones.
*The psychic profiler.
*Smart theif in a grand theft movie. Like Ronin, the Thomas crown affair.


Anonymous ArabianMonkey said...

Of course there are some great foreign/non-American films out there and some very powerful characters, but I get what you mean abt American movies and tend to agree on some of the strong characters they are able to create. It's the writing!! They nail that script development so well as a format.

7:08 AM  

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