Saturday, May 03, 2008

Traffic Accidents, part 2

The other day, I was reading an article about how driving style affects fuel millage; the results were really interesting, if you you drive properly, within the speed limit and do not accelerate and decelerate suddenly(like most jerks with BMWs do,) your saving might be more that 10%(up to 30% if I recall)

So how would this fact help with car accidents? Well for the last 2 yrs, the government has attempted to improve the driving style with stupid advertisements like:

*Every 10 seconds one person dies from car accidents
*Ever year, X people die from car accidents
*Every day, X people die from car accidents.

These are nice facts to know but they should not can go on doing what they were doing and expect any change in results. 2 years of advertising produces virtually no decrease in accidents.

If people knew that they can save X Jds by driving like proper human beings, with lots of advertising and TV programming on the subject, there might be some chance of success. Even a few percentage point are welcome here.

A few yrs ago, this idea would have had a lower chance of success. However, with the current fuel prices, it might just work. And what if it does not work? Well, try something else until it does.



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