Monday, February 11, 2008

TV's relgious programs

To me the Government seems to be playing a very "unsafe" game with it's religious TV programming. There are several reasons why this is so:

*The programming seems to be advocating things that are in total disagreement with the king's vision for Jordan as a "Liberal" country.

*The ideas propagated are extremely socially regressive and are not compatible at all with the 21st century; If carried out to their ultimate end, would result in a Saudi like state governed by Sharria. In the long run, and if implemented, such programs, would surly deliver a severe blow to Jordan as a touristic destination and would severely affect the national GDP, 16% of which comes from tourisms.

*While the programs claim consistency with science, I was able to detect more than a handful of scientific fallacies, not to mention tens of formal and informal fallacies . This is very dangerous as it allows people to believe in scientific ideas that are simply not true.

*A religious populace is closer to extremism than a mildly religious populace, placing the populace to the right of middle using this kind of TV programs, will result in a higher likely hood of extremist and possibly terrorism against innocent Jordanians.

So what do I propose? I propose going back to the old formula of neutered Friday religious programming. Make sure that the scientific facts stated in any of these programs are considered
"scientific" in the larger world wide scientific community, not just a tinny scientific minority. No making up of scientific facts should be allowed.

I guess a lot of people here in Jordan advocate the rule of Sharria, ignoring the total failure of this project wherever it was implemented in modern times. I would advise these people to take a closer look at Afghanistan (pre, during, and post Taliban), Pakistan, Somalia, and other places. Many of these projects proved to be in many cases much worse than places were governance is mainly secular with some Sharria sprinkled in.

I can understand to some degree that the government wants to eat the cake and keep it at the same time. Alas, you can not have it both ways. Trying to use religion as an opium for the masses is very dangerous as religion can be as volatile as TNT or RDX. You never know when things are going to explode and in whose face.

To illustrate, let us say that someone watches these TV programs, they become more aware and realize that the government and the society is not adhering to Islamic law. According to these TV programs this none adherence is a very serious state of affairs. This causes a sort of hatred and a need to take action against the "infidel" government/society. Connect a few dots later and you have "homemade" none imported terrorism in the form of local suicide bombers.

Considering the current economic situation, the government should think hard about other less volatile opiates to occupy the people. The Lebanese model of having the people have as much fun as they can might not be such a bad idea. I always thought it smart to borrow a page of some one else's book.


Blogger nofixedstars said...

i agree: religious fundamentalism of any kind is dangerous and counter-productive to our global need to evolve toward a more just and inclusive world.

12:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuck you man, and in the language of my peeps, كس أختك

keep your cheap imported philosophy to your liberal ass, we don't need more faggots in Jordan, yeah I'm not a "religious" person but I don't like your "I found the perfect life style" way of speech, so STFU.

12:08 AM  

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