Sunday, May 11, 2008

How will the Jordanian Society Adjust to The New economic conditions

I think that the Jordanian Society can adjust to the new economic conditions, not by accepting a lower living standard, but by being smart. There are many things that can be done in the short and medium term that would help the Jordanian Society wither the storm:

*Cut down on the number of people invited to weddings by 50% and the amount of food ordered. This would save the Jordanian society more than 25million JDs.
*Have no party or a very small party for the engagement. This would probably save 5 million.
*Reduce the amount of Jewelry given to the bride at the wedding. This should save 3 million.
*Having smaller families with 2 children only. This should save the society more than 120 million JDs. These savings come in many forms, smaller cars that are cheaper and consume less fuel, smaller apartments that are cheaper, less overall expenses, less cloths to be purchased, etc.
*Replace mobile phones every third year instead of every year . This should save the Jordanian Society more than 10 million Jds.
* Allow women to openly date and use the home landline. This would probably save another 3millions.
*Use the mobile phone for the moderately important to the very important stuff only. This would save 50million JDs.
*Use Skype for international phone calls. Another 5 millions.
*Smoking 20% less. This should save 50million JDs in direct and indirect costs.
*Buy smaller engine cars(only 1.6 ltrs or less.) This would save 25million.
*Use compact florescent lights in every house. This would save 43millions.
*Using energy efficient computers and LCD screens. This saves around 10 millions.
*Using insulation and double glaze windows in new buildings. This would probably save 30 million JD.
*Depeg from the dollar. Expected savings of more than 150millions. This comes in many forms, including cheaper oil and gas, cheaper imports including wheat, corn, and rice.
*If every single household got a solar water heater. This would amount to savings of 30million.
*Have a proper public transportation system. Annual savings of 50million JDs.
*Going Digital. This should produce more than 100million JDs in savings. This can happen in several ways including more people working from home, people doing all their banking online and not going to the bank, no space required for digital items, etc.
*Give incentives for owning Hybrid cars in the form of tax breaks . Annual savings of 70million Jds.
*Have Jordanian drivers improve their driving style. This will result in the reduction in the number of accidents by 20% and improve millage by at least 10%. The total saving would be around 60million JDs.

This is almost 800 million JDs saved per year and I can probably come with 10 other ideas to bring out the total to 1 billion Jds.

Presto, all the economic problems solved with almost no cost and no compromised to the living standard, just a minor change in habits and customs.

I can only see one of these solutions having a problem in implementation and that is reducing the family size, no thanks to the perceived contradiction between contraception and religion. Hopefully the government will work hard to erase this misconception.



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