Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Coed Schools

I happen to meet a person who went to the same school that I went to. We had a chat about various subjects and then he mentioned the fact that he enrolled his son in the same school we both went to because it was right next to house. He pointed, however, one problem for him, our old school has become Coed.

I pointed out to the guy that it is not the horror of horrors he makes it to be. After all, when his kid grows up 12 yrs from now there will be even more women in the work place and in college. So why not have the kid prepared to know how to deal with women.

I am aware of the possible problems of coed schools. However from my point of view, the good outweighs the bad a by a significant margin. In the long run there is some chances that life long friendships might develop between the girls and the boys. I view this as a very positive outcome. Also both the boys and girls would know how to better interact with the opposite sex.

It is worth mentioning that even Arab TV programs portray a society where men and women are not segregated, so why not start with the schools to transform the society.



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