Saturday, April 12, 2008

When Will The Mighty Fall

I am slightly optimistic that within my lifetime that Arab conservatism will be a thing of the past.

Why I am I optimistic? First of all, globalism seems to be causing microscopic chinks in the armor of Arab conservatism. And while these chinks might be very small, in time they shall be grand canyon wide.

The second reason is that it took 50yrs+ for communism to fall(not that it was a bad thing per say,) but in the end it fell so spectacularly in a matter of days or hrs. Similarly, Baghdad's collapse(that was a bad thing per say) in the second gulf war was so rapid , it left people scratching their heads.

I am hoping that in the end, that the collapse of Arab conservatism , when it happens(not if it happens,) will happen so rapidly that people will not know exactly what befell them. They will wake up the next morning to find it gone. Something similar to what happened to Kuwait on that morning of August 2nd 1990 when people found the Iraqi army in control of the country (a bad thing.)

I know the last one was a bad analogy and that the Iraqi army was eventually kicked out. I am hoping that the collapse of Arab conservatism will be final without any chance of resurgence. This is a goal that all Arab progressives should work towards.


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