Friday, February 08, 2008


I was watching the TV the other day and there was one of those new programs that are targeting the subject of car accidents. The guy was saying something like" The government has done everything in it's power to reduce traffic accidents, and now the ball is in the citizen's half of the playground "

IMHO, nothing could be farther from the truth, the government has done almost nothing to alter the crappy driving culture that we have. Let me just give few examples:

*No action is taken against people who treat lanes as if they do not exist.
*No action is taken against people who who never use the right and left turn signals
*No actions is taken against people who tailgate on the highways
*No action is taken against people who abuse their car's horn

The government can and should have an army of traffic police driving and stationed on all the highways. This should not be done as a quick fix, but should go on indefinably in the hope that slowly and gradually people would stop driving like jerks.

Furthermore, this army of traffic cops would need to be doubled during the summer as the number of cars almost doubles. Most of these cars come from the gulf where the poor quality of Jordanian driving almost pales in comparison.

Additionally, the ticketing of individuals coming from the gulf would not only be a good stream of income for the treasury, but would also insure a reduction in the number of accidents.

One more thing the government can and should do is to try to appeal to gulf states to improve their driving standards. Not only would this benefit these gulf states, but in the end it would also benefit Jordan.

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