Thursday, June 15, 2006

Total Stupidity Management

I look it up on the Internet but it does not exist as a field yet, despite the fact that there is a lot of stupidity going around in government, business, and everywhere. Hell, there is enough stupidity going around for 3 planets, not just Earth.

So this new management discipline, Total Stupidity Management or TSS for short, what would it involve? I am not sure, the goal is to minimize the effects of stupidity. It sure will have to draw from several theoretical fields, like psychology and industrial engineering and traditional management. It will also require the input of many people who have combated stupidity and lived to tell about it. Someone will need to put together a body of knowledge that includes field accounts and best practices of TSS. I am sure a lot of it will be art as much science, but the Science part, the "how to" part needs to be there as well.

It should not be something with a personal goal to accomplish, like in Dilbert books where the goal is to minimize the effects of stupidity on the individual. But it should focus on minimizing the effect on society as a whole and thereby allowing society and mankind in general to become closer to realizing it's full potential.


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