Friday, June 09, 2006

21st Century

Here in Amman, if I wanted to get my signature notarized for matters related to property, inheritance, or the likes, I have to go to the Justice palace in Abadaly. And while I live in Shmisani, which is not far away from Abdaly, I find it really annoying that the institution of notary public is very centralized, as are other things in Jordan. This is really ok if we want to remain in the 20th century, but if we want to move to the 21st century, we need to start paying attention to how far behind we are. I want to find a notary public within 10min of my location regardless of where I am in Amman, Zarqa, or Irbid.

And while I am still talking about the same subject (the notary public,) I find the fact that one needs to have two witnesses present in order for the notary public to notarize powers of attorneys, to be totally retarded. It simply belongs to a time when computers and technology did not exist. It can be replaced in so many ways. For example, the person who is getting his signature notarized can also stamp his finger print, or alternatively two notary publics can do the notarization instead of the current one notary public and two witnesses.



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