Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Rip off

Last night I went to Amigos with some nice foreigners and my friend Alaa'. In the tradition of taking advantage of people during world cup, we were told that there is a cover charge of 3 JDs per person which we accepted to pay with some reluctance. So the waiter said he would try to get it reduced because we were 10 people. We ate, had a few drinks, watched very little of the match and were ready to leave. It was time for us to pay the bill, and that is when we were a bit shocked. They made us pay both service charge and tax on the cover charge. We tried to argue with the manager who said he had no authority, and who tried to convince us that this is legal and normal, but neither nor we did not have much success.

After this rip off, I will try not to go to Amigos again. And despite the normally acceptable prices and the not so bad sandwiches, I now hate this place and would like to warn other people about it.


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