Friday, June 09, 2006


I am a typical trader who imports stuff from abroad. My problems are the same problems that other importers face.
Sometimes my shipments would arrive from Germany, or from wherever on a Wednesday night. The customs have half Thursday off and leave at 12:00pm. They are also closed on Friday and Saturday, so if Sunday is not a holiday and there are no other holidays, the clearance company would get me my stuff by Tuesday, or Wednesday, which means that it takes almost a week to clear stuff out of the customs, it also means that the employees in the customs are only working 32 hrs per week which is really very little.

Considering how many people in trade and industry import stuff, I think that the number of work hrs at the airport customs should be increased to 40 hrs/week spread over 6 days, so that people in urgent need of their stuff would get it on time. I do not think that any person who imports stuff would mind paying a few JDs extra to cover the increase in work hours.

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