Friday, June 09, 2006

Thursday Night at Jerash

Last night I went to attend the Abu Hassan Opera at the southern amphitheater in Jerash. It was a great concert, reasonably priced for people to attend, and free transportation was provided. The amphitheater was almost full and I was happy to see so many people in attendance. I would say that at approximately 2/3rds of the people attending were Jordanians, and the other third was EU people and Americans. I know that I will be very happy when I see that you can fill it with Jordanians only, I will know that by then Jordan would have become interesting.

Anyway, after seeing the excellent turn out, I was thinking: Why not have events every Thursday night, regardless of the Jerash festival? I felt people would appreciate events every Thursday night. There is still very little stuff to do on a Thursday night in Amman, so why not fill the void?

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