Friday, June 16, 2006

The Future of Arabic Music is Here

Last night I went to the Balad theatre to attend Orange Blossom (France)
And Saboon(Lebanon), the concert kicked ass and I can tell you one thing, the future of Arabic music might be here. In my earlier blog about remixes, I mentioned the fact that there is very little remixing going on in Arabic music and that Arabic music is very much stagnant. I still think that is case. Yes, the concert was packed, but again half of the people attending were not Jordanians. Maybe, due to the fact that we are still in the middle of World cup. The concert is a one night affair, and I think that more people need to be exposed to these innovations in Arabic music.

In any case, the music was great, the whole package was great. The signing itself was not, but in this case it was somewhat secondary to the show. Also, most Jordanians do not understand Moroccan Arabic(The leas singer from Orange Blossom was Moroccan), so I suggest having a Moroccan Arabic school here in Amman to bridge the language gap. That being said, every one was able to go along with the music.

One last comment regarding the Balad theater, it needs major and minor improvements. The major being air conditioning, you could leave stuff to roast there and come back the next day to find it ready. The minor improvements include a web site which lists the events, and better sound system placement.


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