Friday, November 17, 2006

We Are Smarter Than Me

Yes we are. Hehe.

I love helping the rest of humanity through things like wikipedia, wiktionary, grid computing projects like fightAIDs@home and Einstein@home, so the moment I read about the "we are smarter than me" effort to write a business book, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon and signed up.

With so many contributors for such a project, I imagine the editor(s) will have such a hard time trying to make the text more coherent and presentable. I hope the outcome of such a project would be something that the collective authors, who will probably remain unknown, can be proud of.

Six months ago, I had a similar idea to this, but not with so many authors. The idea was to commission something like 10-20 authors to write a book (not a handbook), each author would be well accomplished in his field and each one would write 1-2 chapters. The job of the person, who got the idea for this book, is to provide a general outline for the other authors to work with. Also he would write the intro section and the epilogue and eventually put everything together. If need be the whole effort would be managed as a project using project management tools and what not.

Speaking of wiktionary, I decided to make a minor change for the benefit of the rest of humanity (hehe,) so I replaced bloggette which is the female form of blogger with bloggerette; the main reason for this is to avoid confusion with bloggette which also means a small blog. I hope that Webster dictionary catches up and fixes their dictionary so this word can be canonized as English language(hehe.)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a quick note on the We Are Smarter project.

All contributors WILL be credited as authors of the published book. As many as will fit will go on the book cover itself. Depending on the final number of contributors, the list may continue onto the web site.

6:51 AM  

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