Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Revised Eid

In the spirit of the Eid(actually this has nothing to do with spirit of the Eid, but with my need to offer my two(more like 10)cents,) I hereby offer my suggestions to improve the Eid:

1) Phone call before coming over to visit. The fact people do not call is a case in point regarding old habits dying hard. Back in the 70s most people did not have phones, so that is why they used to visit without calling advance. With everyone and his cousin having a mobil nowadays it no longer makes sense not to call in advance and see if people are staying home or going out.
2) Give gifts instead of giving money; if one got money, one spends it. That can not happen with a gift. Also with gift, one can remember a few years down the line that he got a certain gift from a certain person for the Eid of 2006.

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