Thursday, November 16, 2006

Blond Bond

As a hardcore Bond movie fan, I had to go to the opening of the new 007 movie here in Jordan. I enjoyed the movie a bit. The action was good and so was the suspense.

The acting of the lead actor Daniel Craig, however, was not very impressive and he lacked both the looks and the charm of Pierce Brosnan . But, I am sure some women would say that he was very cute and had more muscles than Brosnan, so I will leave it at that.

As for the actresses in the movie, I did not find either actress to be overly good looking and they both came somewhat short of my expectations from a bond movie.

I would like to make one comment regarding the plot. Towards the last third of the movie the movie ends in a way, or at least gets you to think that it has ended. Then you realize that there is more action to come and the movie gets another climax at the real end.

I am not sure if they want to stick with the new blond bond, or just dump him for another guy. Unfortunately, it will be another year or more before we find out.



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