Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jordanian Humor, part 2

In view of the comments I got on my previous blog post, I decide to elaborate:

What makes a great comedy, not just an average comedy?

I think the ultimate acid test for great comedy is:

* It should make you laugh your ass off.
* It should withstand time and repetition. i.e., even after seeing it so many times 20 years later you should laugh your ass off.
* People who speak the same language but who live in another country should find it equally funny.
* Even though it is being viewed on the screen, the audio only version should be funny also.

Currently the available Jordanian comedy fails on all of these accounts.

The first two are somewhat self explanatory. As for the third, I think most people from Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, and Egypt would not find the Jordanian sense of humor very appealing. However, the reverse is not true especially in the case of the Lebanese and the Egyptians.

I do not think that it matters that we as Jordanians think of ourselves as funny people, the ultimate test of funniness is if others who speak the same language as we do consider us funny. Alas, that is not the case.

With regard to the fourth requirement, I noticed that you can just listen to the best comedy without watching it and it would still be as funny as if you were watching it. Again, I do not recall watching any Jordanian humor that passes this test.

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Blogger Hamzeh N. said...

I think you should change the title to "Jordanian comedies" or "Jordanian comedy shows".

Humor is not exclusively a comedy show thing you know.

Thanks for giving our comments the attention :)

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

over the years, there were numerous Jordanian comedians. for example, Hisham Yanis and Nabil Sawalha. their programs and plays were funny as hell. Also, 7arit abu 3awad was another popular and funny program. this particular one featured Mousa 7jazeen (sum3ah) and Marzoog (i forgot his real name). yet another is Rabi' Shhab. as for audio only and still funny, have you ever listened to Jordanian drama on the radio. propably the intention was not be funny, but it was helarious. in addition, Mohammmad Al Qabbany (abu thalath shawarib) and Zuhair el Nubani had their share of laughs from audiances. not to forget that drama Al 3ilmo Noron. 3othman el shamayleh with his khalily accent and the teacher 3abir 3issa. I have good memory or what?

11:47 PM  

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