Monday, July 03, 2006

My Trip To America, Part 2, The #$%@s and The Cheapos

I did arrive at JFK. My connecting flight was 2 1/2 hrs later. It took almost 1 hr to get to the immigration, which says a lot about the fact that JFK and other airport in America need to employ more immigration officers, they probably can pay for it by increasing the visa fees by a few $$$.

Now, when I got to the immigration officer, I was told that I needed to do registration, and that it will probably take and hours, even more, so I should expect to miss my connecting flight.

The registration procedure is rather straight forward and involves filling a form and then going to the registration officer so that he can enter the data into the computer system. The reason why it takes almost one hour is the fact that there were only two officers doing it. One of them told me that they do not want to increase the number.

So anyway, I missed my connecting flight, and went to the RJ desk. Though it was not their mistake that I missed my flight, they booked me on a flight for 24hrs later, and also paid for my hotel. That is very nice of them except for the fact that they did not pay for any of my meals. I mean come on, if you are being nice enough to pay for the hotel, why not pay for at least one meal.


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