Friday, June 30, 2006

A Need For A New UN

I was reading the blogs on Jordan planet(mine is still not there yet because of Bureaucracy,) and there was a blog(Sabbah's Blog) about sending a letter to the UN to urge them to do something about the current situation in Gaza.

That is all nice, but I doubt it will work. Not because the UN does not want to do anything, because it can not. The current UN and SC is simply not the answer.

What is the answer, enter the NUN( New UN,) the NUN should be significantly more aggressive in resolving issues, not slow and bogged down by taking diplomacy to an extreme, it should have a SG who is charismatic, but very assertive and probably less diplomatic than all the previous ones. Someone who is not afraid of being kicked out of his position, who is not afraid to tell countries who abuse their power that they are acting like buttholes and that what they are saying or doing is bullshit.

But I guess what would be even better than a better SG, is a better Security counsel, one that makes sense in terms of the current International realities, not the ones from WWII. Except for the victorious countries in WWII, the rest of the countries were basically crap, hence the appointment of the victors as permanent SC members.

Now, a lot has changed, Japan, and Germany are economic superpowers, and the cold war is over. The SC needs to do it's role properly with International interests not national interests being the main decision factors. So basically to insure a more balanced SC, permanent members would remain permanent members, possibly with the addition of another two permanent members, and another 5 none permanent ones. So where would the cool part be, the cool part is permanent members being stripped of their vito powers and given two votes instead of one(as partial compensation).

This basically would insure that the UN SC would be more fair and impartial and would make it less subject to national interests.

I hope people would start thinking about this, and would start to do something about it. Maybe spread the idea and write about in their own blogs(with credit to my good self of course.)


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