Friday, June 30, 2006

The Rip Off At American Airports

I did notice one thing during my travels in four different air ports in the US of A(JFK, Seattle, LAX, and Chicago,) food prices and the different restaurants at the airports were twice the street price, sometimes even more. A mediocre burrito was for 8.99 USD. Yes that is insane, or as my friend Dean would say, crazy, just crazy.

As for the reason for this, I think there is a lot of greed involved. Maybe the restaurants are taking advantage of people especially considering that people have no other option. Also, it is possible that airports are charging them too much for the rent. And of course it could be a combination of greed on both sides.

I hope there is a way to combat this greed. Maybe if people started sending letters to the various food outlets (KFC, BK, Uno's, etc,) to complain. I will try to send an e-mail myself and see what happens, if I do get a reply, I will post it on my blog.


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