Friday, June 30, 2006

My Trip To America, Part 1, RJ

I just came back from my tiresome 11 days trip to America ( Seattle and San Fernando Valley in California.)

I have a lot of stuff to blog(complain) about, it is somewhat hard to know where to begin. But I will start with my RJ flight.

The most noticeable things on the RJ Flight, was the fact that there were zero Arab female stewardess, only Asian and British. The fact that RJ can not find local women to employ still annoys and baffles me.

The second thing that I noticed and was also extremely annoying was the fact that Airbus models they use have only 2 restrooms, so the restrooms were busy around the hour.

Finally, it just so happened that the RJ employee I dealt with sucked big time. I asked him twice if had an extra fish meal, and he did not bother to come back to me to say sorry and tell me that they had run out or something of the sort.


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