Tuesday, November 20, 2007


It has been a while since I last wrote.

The first thing I wanted to talk about is the elections. I am not voting, and I am proud of it. One of our "relatives" is running for elections and I do not think that he will bring any good to the country. This election like all the others before it is still based on kinship and tribal ties. And to further complicate the situation, there are not any candidates with a sufficiently liberal and progressive political program. So I am basically boycotting the elections.

In totally unrelated news, I was very happy to learn during my trip to Germany in October that Germany only recently(last 12 months) passed mandatory building codes that require the use of insulating materials, something I talked about in my last blog post.

In further unrelated news, I had the chance to compare Jordanian Medical care with that of Germany, as we went there to do an operation for my mother. It is unfortunate, but private medical care in Jordan is really expensive when you adjust for income levels, things would look even worse if Euro price went down to 1.2 dollars. For certain types of procedures, an operation in Germany might cost a mere 20-40% more than Jordan.

As for the quality of medical care. The main difference that I could find was in the quality of service provided by the nurses, in Germany it was at least four times as good as it was in Jordan. So much so that I almost wanted to sculpt a statue of the nurses at the ICU.
I spoke to the family neurologist regarding this and he told me that private hospitals "claim" that they can not afford to raise the salaries of the nurses. But neither of us believed this and thought that the hospitals were greedy.

One thing that I should mention is the fact that my mother was discharged, without fully paying the medical bills as they were not all ready at the time of her discharge. They will be later on sent by mail. Something that would happen in Jordan in about a 100 years.

One other thing that I noticed during my mother's hospitalization is that fact that doctors in Germany write medical reports in accordance with a WHO standard wherein each diagnosis is assigned a special code and can be easily looked up on the internet. Because the code is the same regardless of language, it would be great if Jordan used the WHO standard as there is no standardization in medical report writing at hospitals. I will probably write a letter to the minister of health to this effect.

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