Friday, April 20, 2007

Tales of Jordanian Management

This series of posts will remind some people of the letters Scott Adams gets from various employees telling about management stupidity. Lucky for American employees, there is a Scott Adams to publish these letters.

The average Joe here has no outlet to tell about the idiotic management they deal with. So I decided to take it upon my self to report some of the idiotic behavior that I see on the ground while performing my job.

Tale # 1

This company is the largest company in it's field in Jordan with branches in Europe and in America. This company is having a hard time retaining engineers, because despite having double digit sales, and profit growth, this company has a "red line" when it comes to hiring new engineers and is willing to make them work day and night.

Tale # 2

Company X stopped purchasing of any none consumable goods for over 4 months because they have a new purchasing manager.

Tale # 3

Another company missed out on a special offer twice because the maintenance manager was busy with supervising the construction of a new office building and did not have time to sign a PO.

Tale # 4

An underling at a customer of mine tells me that her new boss would not sign any papers because he does not understand how things work. So in the mean time things are on hold.

Tale # 5

I revisited a customer regarding a product that I sell. My contact tells me that after he spoke to the owner, the owner was very surprised that they did not already purchase the product 1 year ago when I first offered it to them.

Then he tells me that they need a few weeks to revisit the subject, because they are too busy with their new plant.

Tale # 6

I visit a customer of mine. They tell me that they were visited by some foreign consultants who told them the same exact stuff I told them three years ago. And now they will consider making the changes. Duh.

Tale # 7

I am still waiting for a purchase order from a potential customer, because the the person who signs the PO has been traveling for the last three weeks. Mind you, this company sells in the millions.

Tale # 8

I call a customer over 3 times so that he would take advantage of a special offer for a limited period. Maybe two months after the special offer period expires, the customer wants to order, but first he asks if it is possible to give him a discount. Duh

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