Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New addition to the links in the side bar

I have not blogged for a while. The main reason is that I was depressed over the fact that a job offer in the US has not materialized yet. And to tell the truth I have been miserable here with a country that is socially changing at the same pace as a slug crossing a football field. Of course to say that the country is changing socially(and at any pace) is my way of deluding myself. The country is actually taking one step forward and two and half steps backwards.

Off course, while I was not blogging I was doing other stuff. I did get to try NoodAsia and the all you can east sushi at Nai. Both were great and good value for the money.

Apart from my gastronomic adventures. I discovered a few things on Youtube including interviews with Sasha Barak Cohen, many interviews with Richard Dawkins, and finally the "all mighty" Mr.Deity.

One note regarding Sasha Barak Cohen(Ali G and Borat.) He is Jewish. Letterman is also Jewish. I wish there would be any Funny Arab guys in Hollywood who are half as funny as these guys. There is currently not a single one(not Muslim, Christian, or even atheist.) And I somewhat doubt it has anything to do with discrimination.

People in the west do not associate Arabs with funny, and no Arab(first, second, or third generation) comedian/comic has materialized to dispel such a notion. Which is understandable, just look back at my Jordanian humor blog post.

As for Mr.Deity, I was a bit reluctant to post anything about it on my blog; after all this is a conservative country. But finally I decided what the heck. I have added a link on the side bar to Mr.Deity. In my personal view this is appropriate humor for a post modern 21st century.



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