Monday, January 15, 2007

Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid

Today I went with my friend to the Mega store in Mecca Mall to buy Jimmy Carter's new book "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid."

Not surprisingly, we did not find the book because it's sales in Jordan was prohibited by the censorship department.

I did criticize the censorship department before in an earlier blog post when the sale of "Da Vinci's Code" was prohibited. Luckily at the time the censorships department removed the blockage and the book was sold again.

Well, I hope this time around that censorship department would come to its senses and just call it quits and go home. Personally, I do not mind if they went home and still got paid for doing no censorship what so ever. We live in the 21st century and it is almost impossible to do censorship. This book will get into the country one way or another, so why bother.

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Anonymous Hamzeh N. said...

Try buying it from Amazon with an ARAMEX shop 'n ship account. Maybe that will work.

But are you sure it wasn't there because of governmental censorship? That would be really sad.

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this comment is a little late for the blog but this book and Carter was on the Today's show this morning. As much criticism as this book received in the states, as well as its writer, the book is still sold in the states. Freedom of speech. Gotta love it. But
I must honestly say, dear lord I felt a sense of justice. There, a former US president who sat in an interview this morning in front of the whole nation, and the world, and not only defended his book, he also stated simply put, how any official in the states, when voicing their opinion regarding the Israeliā€™s policy in treating the Palestinians, always is criticized. I sighed. Finally someone said it. I am sure I will have a lot more to say after I read the book. Point being, censorship in Jordan of this book is not only a joke, but also is not rational. If a few want to judge what they read or what's poeple allow to read based on how much aid Jordan will receive next year, at least let the rest decide for themselves for God's sake. Look around. The area is a hot zone people. A HOT ZONE.

5:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The question that begs itself Carter chickened out after he publish his book,Carter was right when described Israel as apartheid State,Iam not fan of carter because he didn't do any justice to the Palestinian cause when he had the upper hand in the American decision making.Here is Blog might interest you and has lots of discussion about Carter and the ME. my favorite Blog

8:59 PM  

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