Friday, April 06, 2007

World Overpopulation

I was thinking some more about the problem of world overpopulation and it's effects on the environment and that was when it hit me; why not have a Kyoto like agreement with regard to world overpopulation.

There would be a quota for each country specifying the allowed population growth. And in the same way that Kyoto deals with green house gases, countries would be allowed to have more population growth if they are below their quota and would have to pay dearly if they exceed their quota or make it up in the next cycle.

Additionally, industrial countries with low population growth rates would give some sort of incentives to countries that have a high one. This incentive would be an award based on meeting the targets which would be set for every 10yrs and would be reexamined every 5yrs to make sure they make sense.

Yes, industrial counties are to benefit more in the short run. But in the long run every one would win. Third world countries are in a way like smoking addicts, they know they need to stop their population explosion but do not know how.

The industrial countries probably did not care in the past. But with global warming and the earth's eco system going bankrupt, they should.

Of course, unlike Kyoto, this should be binding and be enforced through the UN.

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Blogger Alban said...

Dear Mohammed,
I do understand how it feels like to live in an environment where you can't find yourself, where you can't identify with anything, thinking always it should be different so that you can be happy. That lets you always try to change outside circumstances.

I found a teacher and a teaching that show me that I will never find outside. I can only look at my own mind and accept responsibility for what I see, also that the feelings that I experience are choosen by me and no one else, just as it is only me who decides upon any goal I want to achieve. As it is said by many wise people, the Bible and A Course In Miracles, ask and it will be given unto you. Since you do ask all the time - every thought you have all day long is a prayer - you receive what you have asked for in your mind. Not more, not less. Only if this be so, you can exert real choice and find true happiness and freedom. Everything else would be being the victim of the world you see.

It is a tough idea, and I am not saying you should not do what you want to do, or what you dream of, but you might question the purpose all that has for you. It all depends on the question whether you see or feel, however dimly, that whatever you do here, is finally absolutely futile, because you do not know who are, and therefore you do not perceive your own best interests, nor know what anything is for. Or wether you are somehow done with your experience of this world, saying there must be a better way, something else for me to see.

I am sure there is not a more progressive and challenging document around in this time and space than A Course In Miracles. Maybe you will take a look at it.

All the best to you,

11:17 PM  

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