Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Maybe 5-6 weeks ago, I started experimenting with various Linux distributions that can be booted from a CD or run from a USB drive without affecting the system set up or changing anything on the hard drive.

Just one day before the end of the year I decided to install Freespire on my hard drive. Lucky enough, the installation was easy, and my computer can boot either Windows or Freespire.

I said it on multiple occasions, I hate M$. I hate their consumer policies, their monopolistic behavior, and ridiculous pricing. So it was very logical for me to look for other alternatives.

Freespire is a free version of Linspire(formerly known as Lindows). After using it extensively for over the last few days, I can say it is a very decent alternative for Windows.

On the plus side, it is 100%, has a one click install feature directly from the internet called (click and run,) has a system level spell checker that runs in all applications, has a multi chat client built in, has free office like software, just to name a few.

Keeping in mind that it is a free software, one should not complain too much about the negatives and there are two major ones. The first one is printer support, if you have an HP or a Canon that is not a big problem, but if you have other brands, it is. The other negative is language support. Arabic will be supported at the end of 2007 and translation of menu items is underway.

Overall, this a very good product. We in Jordan still do not feel the evil of M$, because most people still use pirated Windows XP or 98. Things are already changing and M$ is putting some nails in the coffin of piracy. If people had to actually pay for office and windows XP, the cost of software will probably exceed the cost of hardware, and no computer in Jordan would be sold for less than 500 JDs.

I read an article about Linspire offering south Korea an annual license for all the population( 50 miliion) for 5million dollars. That is a few cents per person. Maybe Jordan should get such an offer. Even at 5million dollars for 5million people, that is a great bargain. Jordan can save 10s of millions in software cost instead of paying royalties and what not to the Vole.

From now on, I think my usage of M$ products will go down by over 70% and that should make me very happy.

Here is the link for Freespire




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