Monday, December 11, 2006

Voting Out

I was a bit shocked when I heard about the fist fight between the journalists and members of the house of representatives. If things were up to me I would call for early parliamentary elections to kick out most of these good for nothing representatives.

Yes, that is correct. Just yesterday, in my Anti 4x4 blog post, I wrote: " I am not sure what the representatives in the lower house are busy with, but I have no doubt in my mind that whatever new law they are working on, it will not add much value to the lives of us "average" citizens." Well, today, during an interview with AL-Jazeera, the head of the Journalists association talked about the fact that most people are not happy with the representatives in the lower house.

As a partial solution, maybe we should have parliamentary elections every two years instead of four, that should put some heat on the lower house to perform in accordance with what the people want. This is sort of what they have in the US, and they call it mid term elections.

Unfortunately, this is somewhat hard to achieve since it would probably require a constitutional amendment. And as far as I know constitutional amendments are very hard to come by.

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