Friday, September 08, 2006


Sometimes, I wish the Brits occupied Jordan a few extra years to instil in us a love of queuing. Alas, that was not the case.

One of the most amazing(disgusting) things about Jordanians, not only do they do not queue, but also they do not recognize a queue when they see one, and therefore, they just ignore it and go directly to the counter and start asking or buying stuff.

I went into a pharmacy and there was one person standing in line, so I waited. A guy with his child comes in and bypasses both of us and starts talking to the pharmacist. I was annoyed but decided to let it go. Then another woman comes in and ignores both of us and just starts asking the pharmacists for stuff. I figured that if the pharmacists did not recognize a queuing problem when he saw one, there is nothing for me to say or do. So I said thank you and left to buy from somewhere else. The Pharmacist did not even bother to ask why I left or what I wanted.

After leaving I wished there were no criminal penalties for people who murder queue violators. Alas, life is unfair that is not the case.


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