Sunday, August 20, 2006

Public Transporation System

The Minister of health visited my Uncle's funeral service. He came late at night at around 10:00pm. Everyone was sucking up to him(myself excluded). The most notable butt licker was the head of the pharmacist's association, he was pretty disgusting.

Anyway, every one was asking the Minister some questions(as part of sucking up,) and I do not know who asked what, but the minister said something about the fact that they(the government) should have improved(or put a plane to improve) the public transportation system before the last fuel price hike.

The question is why didn't they? It is totally inexcusable. The other question is why is this comment coming from the Minister of Health? Why doesn't the Minister of Transportation say something about it? What do ministers of transportation do besides building bridges and tunnels at the wrong time of the year and cause more traffic problems than before?


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