Friday, August 18, 2006

Funeral service

The system for funerals service in Jordan is somewhat weird in terms of the fact that it does not give the family of the deceased person the time to mourn.

Let me explain how this is the case. After the funeral prayers and burial, people go back with the deceased's family to their house where they usually have lunch and start welcoming people to the funeral service. This usually goes on from lunch time till close to 10:00 pm. Muslim funeral service being a three days affair; this is repeated for the next 2 days. During this time, there is a huge influx of people which does not allow the family of the deceased to go to the bathroom, not to mention to have time to mourn. Once the funeral service is over, everyone has to go back to work as businesses only allow for 3 days to be taken off.

So, I am not sure how this problem can be tackled. People need to have private time to mourn, but they do not get it. If I was in charge of things I would encourage the person to take an extra day off in order to mourn. Or I would extend the funeral service time to 4 days, after all things have changed a lot since the prophet's time.


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