Friday, September 08, 2006

Pay More Customs Duties!!!!???

I was really annoyed by the new add campaign by the government regarding supporting our country by paying taxes and customs duties. It would seem that the government is not thinking right or thinks that we are morons. No amount of advertising money would convince the average Jo to pay more or be happy when he is paying customs duties or taxes. The main reason is that average Jo feels that he is being ripped off tons of taxes and not getting enough in return in terms of government services.

Despite all the scientific evidence regarding the marked decline in human performance with increased environment temperatures(above 25 degrees), the government still considers air conditioning a luxury and accordingly charges customs duties for air conditioning units. The next thing you know bread will be a luxury and it will be charged customs duties.

Every single person I met from the EU or America who has been here was really shocked by the level of sales tax the Jordanian people pay.


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