Friday, August 18, 2006

Mosques in Jordan

My uncle passed away the other day. I went to the funeral prayers at Saladin's mosque near 4th circle. Now for the last 15yrs, I only go to mosques whenever there is a funeral. The first thing I noticed about this mosque is that it was very simple(which is fine,) but it did not have the right "ambience" for prayers, it did not give the right "vibe" that helps one concentrate during prayers. So after the prayers were over, I wanted to find out if it was just me(because I seldom pray,) or if other
people felt the same. So I asked a couple of people who have been to more mosques than I have, and they agreed with me. They said that the internal setup of the mosque can affect one's desire to pray and that it did affect one's ability to "concentrate" on what he is doing. So I guess this is just another case in Jordan where buildings are not built with their function in mind.

If someone was going to build a mosque to get extra points in the after life, he should build it in a way that invites people to pray more not less. The Christians do get it in most of their churches, but so far we do not.


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