Sunday, August 06, 2006

AP's News Coverage Is Not Only Crap But Is Biased

Associated Press's news coverage of the events in Lebanon is totally biased.

AP wrote: "Hezbollah guerrillas unleashed their deadliest barrage of rockets yet into northern Israel, killing at least 12 people"

It failed to mention that the people killed were not civilians but reservists wearing military cloths and ready to leave to southern Lebanon to do military operations.

Also and I will quote again here from the AP regarding the new proposed UN resolution:

"Hezbollah and its allies rejected the draft resolution, saying its terms for a halt in fighting do not address Lebanon's demands"

While in reality it was the Lebanese Government first that refused the new UN resolution based on the fact that it did not call for a cease fire and for Israel's withdrawal from the Lebanese towns it currently occupies after the offensive. Also it did not call for the immediate release of the Lebanese prisoners held in Israeli prisons since many years.

Based on the above, I must say that, Joseph Panossian the writer of the cited article is really biased and does not engage in any form of fair or proffesional reporting.


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