Sunday, June 18, 2006

Olmert, Omlert, Olmert

I usually shy away from writing about the Isrealy-Arab conflict and the bullshit going on in the the Westbank and Gaza strip. So many people write about it, and more often than not, they usually write what I wanted to write.

I was reading the Yahoo headlines, when I noticed an article titled:" Olmert rejects international probe into Gaza beach deaths." It did not surpise me, only nauseated me. Mr.Olmert's reaction and statement is done by the book in the typical Israeli manner. The fact that if they did not do anything wrong, then why reject and the international probe, does not escape most people with the exception of some people in the US.

I can not go one writing about this. Ok, maybe I made a mistake by writing about this because it is futile. I am more nauseated now than before I started writing. Nothing will happen no mater what bloggers write. Our only hope in the short term is that democrats win the mid term elections. And even then, there is no guarantee in an American change of policy.

It is all sad. I can not write about this any more.


Blogger Yael K said...

I understand your frustration and feel it myself. The IDF is frothing at the mouth because they want to present what they believe is extremely hard evidence that they are not responsible and they want an international probe so they can do so and be fully cleared. From the hebrew article it seems that Olmert is taking this stance on principle so as not to set a precedent only for Israel that isn't applied to other countries.

Personally, I'd welcome an international probe. But I don't really care (yes, ok I do on one level) who is directly responsible for this particular instance --the result in this instance and countless, countless others are the same for both Palestinians and for Israelis: innocent people having their lives torn apart. People whose only crime is that they are riding on a bus in Beer Sheva, walking on the street in Jenin, eating a falafel in Tel Aviv, or playing on the beach in Gaza. The cycle of violence has to stop. On both sides, it has to stop.

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