Sunday, June 04, 2006

Time For The Trash Can

Two months ago, I visited Aquaba and my impression was like my previous impression which is that it is a nice city. I did notice one thing though, Aquaba had trash cans. Do I have trash can fetish, hell no. So why then would I notice trash cans? The main reason is very simple; we do not have them in Amman. If you are a responsible citizen and do not want to throw away stuff on the street, you have to keep the stuff with you until you are lucky to find one of the big dumpster type things with wheels.

I do remember when they had the orange trash "cans" attached to phone polls some 20 yrs ago, after some time they were damaged. But still this is no excuse. We talk about Amman being clean and modern and what not. Well, it no longer is. With the astronomical number of tourists and what not, even the armies of "garbage men," can no longer keep up, especially during the summer.

So, maybe it is time to bring the trash cans again.


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