Sunday, June 24, 2007

Office for Sadistic Affairs

A typical conversation inside the government's Office for Sadistic Affairs(a fictional office)

X: Sir, we won't make the budget this year.

Y: Right. Is there a way can get more money from the poor bastards, while at the same time making their life miserable.

X: Sure Sir

Y: Like what?

X: We can increase the revenue stamp fees and at the same time make the stamps not available at post offices. Instead they would sell at the closest grocery store, which could be up to a mile away from civilization and would probably sell them for twice the price.

Y: Really!!! Great.

X: Sir, we already tested this at several post offices and it was a great success; already, several citizens shot themselves in the head, mutilated themselves, or tried to jump from the top of a mountain.

Y: Uh-huh, wow.

X: So, we can make it standard procedure everywhere if you would like.

Y: Make it so.

While such an office does not really exist in the government, the various ministries are filled to varying degrees with employees just like X and Y. Of course, the conversation would not be as "intelligent" as this, but the result would be about the same.



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