Thursday, June 21, 2007


It does not happen often happen that I praise the government on anything, not because I am a government hater(which I am not,) but largely because the Government, more often than not, does not deserve my praise.

However, this time around I must praise the Government for the Hussein Gardens(park.) This is probably the first time that we have a decent park inside Amman itself. It is also the first time that kids have play grounds to play football in, instead of playing on the street and endangering their lives.

Now, the criticisms part, we need more of this, and soon. Probably, a couple of extra parks for Amman itself. But also in other cities like Zarka, Madaba, and Irbid.

It would be nice, also, if the government did not build these out of tax payer's pockets which are already empty.



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