Sunday, July 01, 2007

Online dating, Jordanian Style

I noticed that to a majority of Jordanian women, online dating consists of the following

#1 Creating a profile on Myspace or Facebook, with or without a picture, or even with a fake picture(of a baby, Nancy Ajram, Elisa, Haifa Wahbi, a semi-naked Western female, a flag etc)

# 2 Leaving the profile blank

#3 hoping that the guy of her dreams would like her picture(or that of Haifa Wahbi) and would contact her to ask for her hand in holy matrimony.

Of course, I am not making things up and I have statistically valid data to prove it

o Out of 82 profiles(the sample size) for single females on facebook, only 33 bothered to write any thing

o Out of 30 profiles(the sample size) for single females on Myspace, only 15 bothered to write anything.

This tells me one of two things about this sample:

o 50-60% of the sample does not know how to fill a profile, maybe due to linguistic deficiency.


o 50-60% of the sample, views themselves as a "beautiful" women with nothing to say or intrinsic value to reflect, nothing to contribute. Just a Barbie, a Brittany Spears of sort, with no brains to go with the looks.

Either way, this is a sorry state of affairs.

Considering the sample size is statistically big enough, I can say with some confidence that what applies to this sample applies also to the larger population pool.

To be fair, I am willing to bet that profiles of guys on the internet will only perform slightly better. Maybe there is stuff written in the profile, but in all likelihood the content itself is crap. Hence the usual complaint of women about descent men being in short supply.

I also expect these numbers to change a bit one or two years down the line for the following reasons:

A) Thanks to this blog post :-)

B) Linguistic deficiency is likely to decrease

C) Hopefully, more women will have content to write.



Blogger Roba said...

That is extremely shallow, and written with the point of view that all these social networking sites are joined for dating reasons.
I myself have joined most of them, and not bothered to add a picture or update the profile, simply because I was curious as to what these services are, how they are designed, how they work, and so on and so forth, and not to make friends/date/etc.
I check it out, and sign out to never sign in again.
I'm sure other women (and men) have other motives for joining too, very much aside from dating or not having anything to say.

3:35 PM  
Blogger Mohammed Raei said...

I was talking about profiles were women were actually seeking men for friendship or otherwise.

2:25 AM  
Blogger nofixedstars said...

ugh. i've noticed where i live (the old US of A)it's often the men who leave their profiles blank of any real information. i suspect there are many reasons why Jordanian women, or American men (or X, Y, Z people of either gender) are hesitant or disinterested in filling in the blanks. the fictitious or missing picture issue is another thing, but may have as much to do with privacy as anything else. it's an interesting question...what are people's expectations of these sites?

12:40 PM  

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