Wednesday, October 11, 2006

They Never Learn

When I travel to the US, EU, or even Lebanon, I visit shopping malls. These shopping malls have least one rest room on every floor. This is somewhat logical. But it would appear that logic and common sense are a scarce commodity here in Jordan.

The "old" building of the Mecca mall has restrooms only on the food court floor and only at one end. This is very annoying for people who go to the mall as they have to specifically go to that particular floor if they wanted to use the restroom.

One would expect such a problem to be rectified in the new Mecca mall extension. Alas, it is somewhat stupid on my part to take such a thing for granted; even logical stuff can not be taken for granted in a country like Jordan.

Anyway, the Mecca mall extension, still has a problem in terms of the fact that you can not find restrooms on every floor. This is sad, as I do know for sure that in engineering handbooks for commercial buildings, they list everything from bathrooms, HVAC, to floorings, etc. They do not even leave the minutest detail to chance. It is a shame that people who designed the extension building probably did not bother to read these handbooks, or maybe never heard of them.


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