Monday, October 16, 2006

Qualifications Of The Minister of Culture

Subject to securing a work permit, I am willing to relocate to the USA, Western Europe, Canada, or any country where English is the primary language.
I was talking with my friend about various culturally oriented issues and the subject of the minister of culture came up. As I do not watch the news or read the local paper I did not know who the culture minister of the month was. My friend said that the last or current one was/is a poet. He also said that he was not very good. I said that is normal, the best doctor can not run a hospital; the best sales man is not well suited to be a sales manager and so on. This is well know in the management world and is well documented, but somehow the government did not hear about it. So they still put mediocre performing people to serve as ministers. Anyway, I will be going a list of qualifications for the various minister's positions. Today I will start with the minister of culture. So here I go:

1) No moustache, and no big belly
2) Good command of English language. Command of additional languages a big plus.
3) A BS/BA degree as minimum but no PhD's as PhD's tend to be too impractical
4) Lived abroad for at least a few years
5) Does not consider the Maa'n Dabkeh Group great
6) Visited at least 20 art shows and knows a few local artists
7) Attended many cultural events in and outside Jordan, including art shows, theater, music concerts and the like.
8) Can work with other people and has a vision
9) Has limited interest in control
10) Can work with local artists, musicians, the foreign embassy donor community on "promoting" and "improving" culture, through the holding of various events and also improve the quality of local TV and Radio programming.
11) Must have an IQ of at least 120
12) Must have an EQ of at least 110

One other suggestion regarding choosing ministers, I know that in most countries, ministers are chosen by the prime minister. But that is very stupid, IMNSHO(in my not so humble opinion.) This a job and I think a job at the level of minister should no be decided by one person (the prime minister in this case). In an ideal situation, the minister would choose 3 candidates for each position, and a non partisan panel would interview these candidates, review their credentials and previous work and choose the most qualified person for the job.

This is somewhat a better system, but then the problem that arises is how to choose the best people for this panel? I do not know the answer yet, so I will leave it for another blog.



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