Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Jordanian-Syrian Border

Anyone who has traveled to Lebanon or Syria by land, will tell you how sucky the way back is. It used to take one hr extra on our side of the border to come back, now it takes at least two. The reason being the extra security and procedures. This is fine with me, the country is supposedly under threat, and no one really wants "terrorists" coming from outside the country. What I have a problem with is the waiting for more than two hours. If the procedures are going to continue like this, and I think they will, two things need to be done: First, increase the number of personnel to do all the procedures. Second, increase the number of search lanes.

In an ideal situation, the time spent on our side of the border on the way back should not exceed 30min. This is what the government should pick as its target, and work from there.


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