Friday, September 29, 2006

Pizza Inflation

Yesterday, I went to Pizza Hut for the Iftar Buffet. It was pretty full. The food was half and half, not so bad, and not so great. I remember a few Ramadans ago when the food was actually crappy and it was served somewhat cold. The thin crust pizza this time was actually good. They got us flat Pepsi the first time and replaced it when we told them it was flat.

Anyway, we paid 7Jds including tax. And this was only for the soup, pizza, pasta, and drink. This is a sharp 17% increase from last year(or the year before.) I am not sure if this it is due to inflation which would be scary or if they did it to pay for the new decorations. If it was because of the former, then I think this year's inflation numbers will not be less than 7%. And since this would look pretty bad, I expect the government to hide the numbers until the end of the next year or the middle of the year after. I also expect this inflation cycle to go on for at least another couple of years and that is being optimistic, which I am not.

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