Wednesday, July 05, 2006

How The Human Race Can Last For The Next 100 years.

There was a question somewhere on Yahoo about how the human race can last for the next 100 years.

And being who I am, I like always to offer my 2 cents(more like 200 cents,) so here it goes:

I think that humanity should stop this crazy over population of the earth. The earth can barely support the current 6+ billion people who currently live here. So I am not sure how it will support the 20+billion(my own estimate without any sceintific basis) people in a 100 years. I am not even sure if there is a solution because the countries with the highest population growth rates tend to be the poorest with the least levels of education. I am sure it is very fascist, but maybe we need to revisit the one child per family law invented in China. Or maybe with the rising income levels in various countries, more focus on careers, and more women working, people would start having less kids without a need for external intervention(This is called wishfull thinking.)

The other area that needs work is somehow trying to neutralize the impact of religion as it is a major cause of wars. I am not sure if there will ever be a war of the seculars, but I am willing to bet that religion is probably the number one or number two cause of wars. I am not saying that we should get rid of religions, I am only saying that we should neutralize the asspects that are the culprit for war.

Also, I did blog before about the need for a new UN to resolve the current problems. But in order for humanity to survive for the next 100 years, maybe the UN should live up to it's name and try to unite the various nations.

On the issue of environment and food, I think that people in the industrial nations and the industrial nations themselves should start acting more responsibly and not waste so much food and energy. People in America(and maybe Saudi) throw away enough food every year to feed a small nation. With this in mind, people need to start buying as much food as they need and not over order at restaurants or have excesive amount of food at parties.

Also on the energy front, America and China need to act more responsibly. The Americans need a better railway system, more energy efficient cars, and smaller cars that consume less fuel. As for China(And who ever is going to replace it as the cheap stuff manufacturer,) the only way I think they will act more responsibly is if they chose to.


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