Thursday, January 17, 2008

Public Sector Jobs

I was watching the news the other day and the PM was complaining to the parliament about the fact that the average Jordanian prefers government jobs to private sector jobs even though in most cases the pay is less. The PM was somewhat baffled with this problem, but to me the solution is rather simple.

People prefer government jobs for three reasons, shorter work hours, lower skills requirements and very little work done when compared with the private sector; one third of the time is wasted in prayers(especially if the mosque happens to be next to the government agency in question,) one third in smoking and drinking tea, and only one third remains for work.

I am blowing things a bit out of proportion here, but things are not very far from my description, so it is no wonder that people are averse to private sector jobs.

The solution for the government is very simple, increase working hours, increase the workload so that people are not sitting around on their asses, and creating jobs that actually require some sort of skill. The first two are somewhat easy to implement but the later would be somewhat tough to pull since most government jobs are not very different, skill wise, from flipping burgers at a Macdonald's.
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