Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I was walking on the pavement(street) when I noticed a verbal fight between an Iraqi who was driving an Iraqi car and a Jordanian driver who was driving a Jordanian car.

I have no doubt that Iraqi guy was driving like a jerk(not because he is Iraqi but because 90% of people who have BMWs or Mercedes in Jordan drive like jerks, irrespective of their nationality.) I am blogging about this because the Jordanian guy was threating to have the Iraqi guy deported.

Now, I have seen this situation at least 10 times before; A Jordanian threating an Iraqi or an Egyptian person to have him deported. To me this shows:

1) A mean streak in the Jordanian people. ( Would these people be happy if some Jordanian living in the UK was threatened with deportation)
2)There is a general misuse of power from the people in the government. I have no doubt that this person who is threating has a relative in the police or Mokhabarat(secret service) and I have no doubt that their relative would be glad to have the person in question deported. Hence, my point number 1

I am not sure if there is any remedies for this situation. Maybe in 20yrs when there is no "Wasta" or when people are tested for having an evil streak before they get hired for the police or the secret service.

Or even better, maybe in 20yrs time, all Arabs would be allowed to stay anywhere in the Arab world without worrying about residency issues or being deported. Just like they now have in the EU(actually they have had that for more than 10yrs now)


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